Formula Student India™ is an exclusive student design competition which has been conceived and conducted exclusively by Delta Inc. Formula Student India™ and logos are exclusive trademarks wholly owned by Delta Inc. The competition focuses on safety, good engineering practice, engineering design, education and creating opportunity for participating students.

Delta Inc and the trademark and Logo pertaining to Delta Inc are not associated with SAE International® or SAEINDIA®.

The rules and regulations adopted by Delta Inc are materials prescribed by International standards which are publicly available in the public domain and these are the universal standards adopted by other similar events across the globe.

Delta Inc further states that they have not adopted any information which are exclusively belonging to SAE International® and/or SAEINDIA®.

Further, Delta Inc have not adopted any information, intellectual property as classified as confidential information as defined by the provisions of Information and Technology Act, 2000.

Delta Inc further declares that the events conducted under the brand name Formula Student India™ are exclusive events and the participants/sponsors shall not associate the events conducted by Delta Inc as event classified by SAE International® and/or SAEINDIA®.

All rights accrued or to be accrued in events conducted or future events are reserved by Delta Inc.